This article introduces a framework that helps to assimilate intellectual property management activities with the practices of marketing and strategy. With the framework, the management of IP rights is explained within marketing constructs such as the unique selling proposition.

The article presents case studies that explore the applicability of the framework in a diversity of industry contexts and firm sizes. (Keywords: Intellectual Property, Licensing, Brand Equity, Patents, Strategic Management, Marketing, Product Life Cycle, Case Method, Value Transference, Multiple Industries)

“I have a general principle that I follow: I don’t go into any area that I can’t get a patent on. If you don’t stick to that approach, you quickly find yourself manufactur- ing commodities.”

Ray Dolby (quoted above) has a clear understanding of the usefulness of intellectual property (IP) in managing a business.

Under his stewardship, Dolby Laboratories grew from a London-based technology startup to a globally recognized source of high-quality digital audio and video experiences.