Professor Conley’s research focuses on sustainable competitive advantage in intellectual capital, intellectual property, e-commerce, product development, product design and engineering management.An award-winning scholar and teacher, his research investigates the strategic use of intangible assets and intellectual properties to build and sustain competitive advantage. He has published widely in both premier academic and practitioner journals as well as in leading business publications.

Professor Conley periodically serves as a special editor for research outlets such as the journal for the National Academy of Inventors.


Professor Conley’s articles have appeared on some of the leading journals and industry publications. He has written on subjects ranging from leveraging the power of trademarks and patents to creating and sustaining brand identity and managing intellectual property on the global stage. Below is a select list of published articles.

Featured Articles

  • R&D Management – 2016
    How to Create Commercial Value from Patents: The Role of Patent Management Co-authors: Holger Ernst and Nils Omland View journal on R&D Management
  • California Management Review – 2013
    Value Articulation: A Framework for the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property Co-authors: Peter M. Bican and Holger Ernst View journal on CMR
  • World Intellectual Property Organization – 2013
    Study on Patents and the Public Domain II Co-authors: Peter M. Bican and Holger Ernst View in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese or Russian
  • MIT Sloan Management Review – 2011
    How to Develop a Successful Technology Licensing Program Co-authors: Ulrich Lichtenthaler and Holger Ernst View article on MIT Sloan
  • Journal of Law, Technology & Policy – 2011
    Friends of the Court: Using Amicus Briefs to Identify Corporate Advocacy Positions in Supreme Court Patent Litigation Co-author: David Orozco View journal
  • Design Management Institute – 2008
    Inventing Brand: Opportunities at the Nexus of Semiotics and Intellectual Property

    View journal on DMI Review
  • Wall Street Journal/MIT Sloan – 2008
    Shape of Things to Come Co-author: David Orozco View article on WSJ

Selected Articles from Archives

  • Engineering With Computers – 2007
    A Simulation-Based Design Paradigm for Complex Cast Components View on SpringerLink
  • Core77 webzine – 2005
    Trademarks, not Patents: The Real Competitive Advantage of the Apple iPod View
  • Innovation – 2005
    Using Brand Identity to Reinforce Market Value: The Competitive Edge View
  • Kellogg World – 2004
    Managing IP in the Global Marketplace: Practitioners Perspective View
  • Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property – 2004
    Game Over: Emulation and the Video Game Industry Co-authors: E. Andros, P. Chinai, E. Lipkowitz and D. Perez View
  • Transactions of the American Foundry Society – 2001
    A Catalyst Model for Business to Business eCommerce in the Foundry Industry Co-author: Joseph T. Scarry
  • Transactions of the American Foundry Society – 2001
    Experimental Design of a Microgravity Solidification Facility to Assist with Casting Simulation Verification Co-authors: Vasiliki Demas and K.F. Packer
  • Managing Intellectual Property Magazine – 2001
    Snow White Shows the Wa Co-author: J Szoboscan View Article