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Innovation and Invention

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

This offering is designed for engineering students with an interest in design, invention, and the meaningful expression of creative ideas. It is intended to help students explore and understand their critical role in the invention/creative process and ultimately yield insight on the technologist’s role in wealth creation. After an introduction to innovation, the course explores the subject of invention and intellectual property. All issues relating to patents and patentability of inventions, copyrights and the protection of the expressions of ideas, trademarks and source identifiers will be reviewed and analyzed in the context of multiple engineering domains.

Intellectual Capital Management (Intellectual Capital Strategy for Product Development)

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

This course covers the specific agenda of using intellectual capital and or properties for building and sustaining competitive advantage. Intellectual assets like know‐how, inventions, patents, explicit content, brands, trademarks (forms of intellectual property), contractual agreements etc. are often the largest proportion of a firm’s total wealth. And yet, most firms do a poor job of managing intellectual assets strategically. In this course, we adopt a “lifecycle” approach to the management of an intellectual asset. Both mature markets and entrepreneurship contexts are reviewed.

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